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January 9, 2017

Bring out the book worms – 2016 reads

If I could say one thing about Goal Planning is that in the last year, I have really seen great results from it. It was the first year that I had taken it seriously and made my goals public and found and accountability partner. I have always had a love for reading but was in

November 13, 2016

Winter essentials for a healthy Home & immune system

With fall turning into winter, the one thing I don’t look forward to is the arrival of flu season- and over the years, I’ve turned my focus on keeping my family’s immune system healthy and strong to fight off the bacteria and viruses all around us, rather than tending to the colds. Being proactive about

May 11, 2016

For such a time as this…

Have you ever second guessed God’s timing? Wondered why certain doors closed? Certain friendships ended? My daughter’s favorite Bible story is the story of Esther. She asks us to read it to her every night and if we skip a word or paraphrase the story, she is quick to correct us! When I asked her

April 13, 2016

A look back at my first race – 10K

Growing up my long lanky body and fast metabolism made me a natural runner but my lack of disciple and patience made me only good for short distances!  In high school I ran the 100 & 200m and enjoyed beating the guys in gym class – I even qualifying for state and placed in the

March 24, 2016

Natural dyed Easter Eggs

As Easter approaches, here’s a quick and easy natural way to dye Easter eggs. Most of the natural dyes can be found in your kitchen already, so save the scraps/onion skins, and coffee grinds for this project. We did this project last year with a two year old and it was a great success! She