At The White Sofa is a collaboration between two friends. It was dreamed up over a year's worth of conversations on Voxer, and a few visits in between. We'd like this to be a small corner in this internet world where "we do life" as a community. It's a place where we'd like to create discussion and cultivate a community of individuals who inspire and encourage each other to live a life with purpose.

One that is intentional, driven, and points to a higher purpose and goal. And real life is sometimes messy and far from perfect- But it's ours to steward, learn from, and live out.

We invite you to join in on the conversations at the white sofa.







Tanya Shut

Tanya lives in New England with her husband and precious girl. She has learned to love small business, has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to create. Learning to be intentional about every area of her life is helping to keep her from starting way too many projects based off the dozens of new ideas that flow through her mind daily. 

She loves to travel every chance she gets, and hopes to someday put her foot on every country that exists in this beautiful World.

She's a believer in the Truth, and has been saved by Grace through faith in Jesus. She believes mercy triumphs over judgement and strives to live her life accordingly.



Lana Peter

Lana lives in the Midwest with her husband and two wonderful children. She left a career in retail management to be a stay at home mom and home school her children. Lana has always had a passion for crafts and that passion has only grown over the years. She was born into a Christian family and found Christ for herself at a
young age. She is constantly reminded of God’s grace every day and for this reason she has chosen to live life more intentionally and with purpose, so at the end of the road she can hear those sweet words “Well done, good and faithful servant!”


Fall 2015-142