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Greatest Love Story

The world’s greatest love story is not one about Romeo & Juliet or Tristan & Isolde or even the love story of your grandpa and grandma (although I’m sure they have a very sweet story) the greatest love story is tragic yet wonderful story of God sending His one and only son on this earth Read More …

It’s All about You.

Oh How I need this today. Amidst a busy weekend and a full week ahead, focusing today on what’s really important. & that’s Jesus. Work School planning meetings It’s All about You. Download this Scripture print here.

Celebrate What Matters-2012

I had an amazing opportunity to get a group of ladies together for the 2012 Women of Faith Conference held in Hartford last week, Nov 2+3. The entire weekend was surrounded by ladies of Faith and our group of 10 was fantastic! Recap of the weekend: Thumbs Up – Spent time with some girls I Read More …