Celebrate Women.

Today the world celebrates women everywhere, and my hope is that we as women will celebrate each other. We  encourage you to reach out to the women who’ve inspired you, encouraged you, and have been an important part of your life. Tell them how they’ve impacted you. Thank them for their friendships.

So often we build up the walls of our hearts and feel as though we have to compete with each other as women. But really what do we gain from that? What can we gain from comparing our lives, our careers, our families, and the list goes on and on…

It hurts my heart when I see women arguing about silly things and defending their position to try to convince everyone that she is right, and unfortunately I am not completely immune from that.

But isn’t it OK to think that you just might not have EVERYTHING right? To be vulnerable to each other and seek advice from one another? I’ve found that we as women thrive best when we are in a community that supports each other. When we fight for each other, pray for each other, and offer nonjudgmental advice to each other, we all flourish.
Today I am thankful for the strong and God-fearing women who have shaped me, encouraged me, and loved on me. I am thankful for having women in my life that speak truth into my life (even when it’s hard to hear), pray for me, and reach out to me when they haven’t heard from me for a while. Thank you.

Happy Women’s day to every woman out there.

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