For such a time as this…

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Have you ever second guessed God’s timing? Wondered why certain doors closed? Certain friendships ended?

My daughter’s favorite Bible story is the story of Esther. She asks us to read it to her every night and if we skip a word or paraphrase the story, she is quick to correct us! When I asked her why she loves her so much, she simply says “Because she is so strong and brave.” Through this story that we read to her I see how God planted Ester into a place so that when the timing was right, God would use her for his purpose!

Two important lessons I learned from Esther’s life:

  • Serving God often demands that we get out of our confront zone (sometimes even putting ourselves at risk)
  • God has a purpose for each one of the places we’re in.

Now, rewind 7 years ago I was graduating college and starting of a career in retail management for Target. I had other job offers but thought to myself this would be lucrative, flexible and fun. Within 2 1/2 years, I was on the fast track to having my own store. I was a month away from completing what we called my “final interview” but I was also 5 1/2 months pregnant. The long hours, late nights and stress had the doctors concerned and based on their direction I took a leave to carry out the rest of my pregnancy.

Fast forward a few months and I’m a happy momma to a healthy baby girl. My leave was winding down and the day had finally come that I had to tell Target I was turning in my “Red and Khaki” to become a stay-at-home mom.

In the weeks after I started to second guessed if I had done the right thing. What will happen to my career? Am I giving up all that I worked so hard for? Where will I be when I’m ready go back? How will it be to be a stay at home parent? I prayed and during this season I continued to hear a still sound voice through it all saying “trust me, trust me”

TODAY, I look back to if I had continued my career with Target. I would now be in a position that would force me to stand by Targets new restroom policy which is absolutely contrary to our beliefs as Christians in society. We were not put on this earth to conform to it but to shine a light onto this world. In no way would my conscience allow for me to stand by such a policy. and I realized it this week, that I don’t have to stand by it, I can publicly speak out against it. This is where I can marvel at our amazing God. He know this time would come and without me knowing it, he put me in this place for such a time as this. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!!

And now quite frankly I’m saddened about what this world is turning into. It further proves that we’re living end times and that we must do everything to prepare our souls for eternity. Who do you want to spend eternity with? Your friends? Family? Co-worker? Whoever it may be, the only way you can spend eternity in heaven is if you repent and give your heart to the Lord!

In parting thoughts…

I support the #boycottTarget movement because as Anna Lappe said “ Overtime as you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” Those of you you say that we as Christians need to love on the LGTB community – this is not a message of hate. This is a stand against our belief that the bathroom should be a private place where we can ALL feel safe. Alienating women and children for the sake of another interest group shouldn’t sit well with anyone, let alone Christians. After all, why couldn’t Target convert to a single-use bathroom for this purpose? Is there not enough space in stores to make the adjustments for the entire consumer base or did they fear revenue loss by taking up store space? Well, it looks like they have another thing coming with the millions that are opting to move their spending elsewhere.

Target account has been closed and credit card cut up!



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