Greatest Love Story

The world’s greatest love story is not one about Romeo & Juliet or Tristan & Isolde or even the love story of your grandpa and grandma (although I’m sure they have a very sweet story) the greatest love story is tragic yet wonderful story of God sending His one and only son on this earth to die for us.


God sent his son Jesus to this earth. While on earth Jesus was ridiculed, mocked, tortured but through it all he remained faithful and knew he had a purpose to fulfill here on earth. After 33 years on earth he died on the cross in front of all who knew him, he died in front of the ones he healed and prayed for, he died on that cross so that you and I could have life!

Can we stop for a moment and just imagine that? imagine someone sending his own son on this earth and allowing for his son to die for you so that you wouldn’t have to die the way he did. He died for you and me so that we have a chance at having everlasting life!! I want you to know that is is true love!

Why is this the greatest love story? Because love – unconditional love comes to those who least deserve it and we are all sinners who don’t deserve the love that he continues to show us over and over again. This love comes to us in the form of GRACE.

This month is all about Love in so many parts of the world. But look for just a minute past the flowers and dinners and chocolates. I encourage you to think of what it means to be so loved by someone that no matter what wrongs you’ve made, that Love doesn’t fail. It doesn’t go away just because of your failures. In fact, God, foreknew you. He foreknew your circumstances and even when we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). That’s a powerful love. Unlike no other.


Go love on someone today. Not because they deserve it. But because we, undeserving as we are, are loved by God through Jesus Christ, more than we can ever imagine.

Happy Love month.

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