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February 4, 2016

up-cycling crayons craft

Do you find yourself throwing out broken crayons all the time? My daughter loves to have super “sharp/pointy” crayons but after a few uses they become dull and often times break. I started collecting all the broken pieces in a mason jar and knew that I could put all those scraps to use one day. Here

February 2, 2016

Home Decluttering

Have you ever heard people say “less is more” but never really understood or applied it to your life? I recently read The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo and it brought things into perspective for me. We’ve accumulated so much “stuff” and its just clutter! Here’s a brief description on Marie Kondo and

January 29, 2016

Why & How to Budget

Today I’ll write about the dreaded b word and share some insight on why it’s important and how to start. Budgeting most often gets the “deer caught in the headlights”  oh no reaction, and while it may not be exactly enjoyable to sit down and crunch numbers, it is quite rewarding long term when you

January 25, 2016

Meal Planning for beginners

We all know we should eat healthy, exercise a few times per week and get enough sleep but when it comes to our daily lives, does anyone else struggle with any of these? If you say no, then I don’t believe you. For everyone else here’s a tip that will save you time, energy and

January 22, 2016

Take It from a 90-year old. Stop Worrying.

Happy Friday Friends! I recently came across The Legacy Project and have loved reading the stories and practical advice for life shared by elders 70 and beyond. The project was started by a Cornell professor of human development in 2004, where he and his research team gathered  thousands of responses to questions like: What are