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January 21, 2016

1. Morning Devotion & Prayer Before starting your day, find a quiet place in your house to read the Word and pray. Doing this in the morning sets your focus for the day and having prayed through the day before it even starts, gives you the strength and guidance for what’s ahead. I’ve struggled with

January 18, 2016

Timeline of Norway’s CPS taking 5 children from the Bodnariu family

Reading a post by Emi Zarnescu about the one-sided media coverage in Norway (you can read it here) has inspired me to spread awareness of what has happened to the Bodnariu family and continues to happen to many families in Norway. I’m sure some of you may have seen posts on social media with headlines

January 16, 2016

Goal-setting Series- Summary & sharing our goals (4 of 4)

We did it! If you’ve been following along this goal-setting series, this is the last post! You can find links to the rest of this series below. Follow along as we layout the process of goal-setting. Goal-setting 1 of 4– Setting yourself up for success Goal-setting 2 of 4– Reflections & Asking Questions Goal-setting 3 of 4– Setting

January 14, 2016

Goal-setting Series- Set Purposeful Goals (3 of 4)

Yesterday I spent time reflecting on the past year and also asking myself what’s important to me? Today I’ll go through the process of setting purposeful goals. This is what’s worked for me, and every year I add a few extra steps in this process because it helps me to refine my focus. If you

January 13, 2016

Goal setting Series- Ask the Right Questions (2 of 4)

Today’s the day we talk about the process of goal-setting! The steps I’m going to share have been working for my personal as well as business planning. They are a combination of steps and resources taken from wonderful individuals and mentors I’ve found through this blogging world.   Step 1. Reflections & Asking the right Questions